Malinska is situated at the northwest coast bay of island Krk, in spacious basin, within 15 km from the bridge that connects Krk to the mainland.

One famous for its piers and ships as a safe harbour, today is a tourist location that keeps its fishermen and naval heritage. Malinska is equaly attractive through out the year, in all four season. From the swimming pools, sand beaches or silent estuaries, it offers choices for everyone's taste, wheather it's a sun bathing under the beautiful sky or resting in shades of pine trees, the choice is yours.

Traditional folklore, numerous cultural and sports manifests, expositions, water sports, fishing, horse riding, night life, teraces, taverns, restaurants...all of this and much more is offered at the very place of Malinska, giving our visitors memorable experiences from Croatia, from island Krk, from Malinska...